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Educational platform

Could history be a space for inclusiveness? The grand narratives of 20th-century history set a conventional approach to our understanding of the past. However, it often excludes from the conversation, leaving the gaps. City and culture, being in the focus of the Center of Urban History, offers a framework to include into this conversation unheard voices, highlights what is obscure, thus broadens our perspective. Educational activities as an approach help us to build such  a space of inclusiveness around discussions on the history of the 20th century.

As an institution, we want to build bridges and cooperation between academia, cultural and public initiatives. The Center promotes scholarly and cultural exchange through conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and online projects. In all our activities, be they academic or public, we strive to create the accompanying educational component. Еducational activities of the Center play a critical role in including, along with our audiences, various bottom-up and local perspectives, individual experiences into our conversation about the XX century. We focus on the history of an East-European city of Lviv, known also as Lemberg and Lwów,  and explore the city as a place of cultural diversity, overlapping and contested narratives about the past to offer an opportunity for building inclusiveness in the present.

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