Andrij Bojarov

media artist, researcher of Lviv and Ukrainian Avant-garde, independent curator and architect. As a curator, he works closely with the theme of Lviv Avant-garde and Modern art. He curated exhibitions at the Muzeum Sztuki (Museum of Art) in Łódź (2017-2018): “Montages. Deborah Vogel and the new legend of the city” (the exhibition won the Sybilla Award) and “Experiment! Lviv masters of photography of the early twentieth century and their followers in Poland and Ukraine in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries”. Andrij Bojarov is a translator and editor of Piotr Łukaszewicz’s monograph on the Lviv association of artists “artes”.

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This cource was born as an attempt to reflect on certain urban phenomena in the 20th century from a transnational perspective. The lectures will tell about the phenomenon of urban scraps and urban fragments in the legacy of modernist painters. We will learn about how the media could be transit phenomena and how art forms could ruin the strong ideological frames. We are going to see how the Lviv Avant-Garde was building, how the street was becoming a source for inspiration of artists of Lviv Modernism, and how street art has been important political self-expression also today.