This is online archive of primary sources on Soviet history, mostly focus on Russian based documents.

The Herder Institute offers textual sources (“documents”) and maps, pictures or statistics (“materials”) on many historical topics relating to Central and Eastern Europa to lecturers, university students and the interested public.

The EHRI portal offers access to information on Holocaust-related archival material held in institutions across Europe and beyond. EHRI has a Document Blog which is a space to share ideas about Holocaust-related archival documents, and their presentation and interpretation using digital tools.

The aim of the Copernico portal created by Herder Institute is to make scientific research more visible and to open up new ways of preserving and presenting cultural heritage of Eastern Europe in the public eye.

Ukraїnica is a database and syllabus-building tool, created by Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute to help in teaching Ukraine in a classroom. This platform is meant to be a constantly growing resource where everyone participates as a contributor.

The ‘Peripheral Histories?’ portal is a space to share emerging research on regions and peoples of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe which have been perceived as geographically, politically or culturally ‘peripheral’.

UKRAINE: Great Transformations is an archival platform of oral histories and records of huge changes in the structure of Ukrainian peasant culture of the 1920s and 1930s, instrumental music, and traditional practices of kobzars and lyre players.

Platform is aimed to introduce Ukrainian culture to all interested to get to know more about it. This introduction is provided by professional researchers. With love, without kitsch.

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