Piotr Słodkowski

art historian working at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Słodkowski’s research focuses on Polish and Central European art of the 20th century in relation with contemporary thought in the humanities. He is the author of the book “Modernizm żydowsko-polski. Henryk Streng / Marek Włodarski a historia sztuki” (2019, Jewish-Polish Modernism. Henryk Streng / Marek Włodarski and the History of Art). Co-editor of the three-volume edition “Czas Debat. Anthology of Art Criticism 1945–1954” (2016) and the editor of the volume “Przestrzeń Społeczna” (Public Space).


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This cource was born as an attempt to reflect on certain urban phenomena in the 20th century from a transnational perspective. The lectures will tell about the phenomenon of urban scraps and urban fragments in the legacy of modernist painters. We will learn about how the media could be transit phenomena and how art forms could ruin the strong ideological frames. We are going to see how the Lviv Avant-Garde was building, how the street was becoming a source for inspiration of artists of Lviv Modernism, and how street art has been important political self-expression also today.