Małgorzata Radkiewicz

PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Audio Visual Arts at the University of Krakow. Her research interests and publications focus on gender representation in film and media as well as on much wider category of cultural identity. She published a book about women filmmakers, and other on Polish cinema of 1990s. In her book: “Female Gaze: Film Theory and Practice of Women directors and artists” (2010) she addresses the issue of women’s cinema and arts in terms of feminist theory. In her last book: “Faces of queer cinema” (2014) she analysis selected films dealing with the issue of queer, but also sexuality and gender.

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The aim of the course is to get to know how to analyze examples of visual culture, including: fiction films and documentaries, video, photography. Both contemporary and historical materials will be studied, together with theoretical texts and publications (from the area of film and media studies, anthropology, cultural studies and history. Although images are mostly seen, if you want to really know them and understand them really well, you must not only "see" them but also "read" them, that means to analyze them as a complex message/ text. That is why at our course we will firstly discuss some terms and categories, that would help us to read images such as: composition, convention,...