Piotr Rypson

An art historian, curator, critic, historian of literature and visual culture, museum expert. Former Deputy Director and then Acting Director at the National Museum in Warsaw (2011-2018), Dr Rypson is currently the Associate Professor at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology (New Media Department) and curator at the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw. Author of 11 books and over 200 articles on art, information architecture, visual communication and literature. He curated exhibitions of such artists as Zbigniew Libera, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Dick Higgins, Andrzej Dluzniewski, Maria Jarema, Stefan and Franciszka Themerson. Recently he curated an exhibition on 100 th Anniversary of Poland’s Independence (National Museum) and an exhibition on liminal experiences in the Warsaw ghetto.

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This cource was born as an attempt to reflect on certain urban phenomena in the 20th century from a transnational perspective. The lectures will tell about the phenomenon of urban scraps and urban fragments in the legacy of modernist painters. We will learn about how the media could be transit phenomena and how art forms could ruin the strong ideological frames. We are going to see how the Lviv Avant-Garde was building, how the street was becoming a source for inspiration of artists of Lviv Modernism, and how street art has been important political self-expression also today.

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The course consisting of five lectures focuses around interaction of text and image in modernist culture in CCE with a focus on Poland and its multicultural milieu. Two lectures break away from this framework, providing on the one hand a historical, longer perspective – and on the other locate the formal achievements of the avant-garde in today’s sociopolitical context.