Technology revolutions and visual/textual rhetoric: Selected Cases in 20th and 21st Century in East Central Europe

Dr Piotr Rypson

The course consisting of five lectures focuses around interaction of text and image in modernist culture in CCE with a focus on Poland and its multicultural milieu. Two lectures break away from this framework, providing on the one hand a historical, longer perspective – and on the other locate the formal achievements of the avant-garde in today’s sociopolitical context.

This course was a part of Jewish History, Common Past and Heritage: Culture, Cities, Milieus summer school.

Metaphysics and technology: early experiments with text and image

First concepts of moving letters: Dante, Kabbalah, Ramon Llull; the advancement of learning at the turn of 16th / 17th centuries and permutation poetry from Western Europe to Lviv Jesuit college poetics

First avant-garde moments in Poland in the 1920-s and their publications – and the idea of national form

Tadeusz Peiper and “Zwrotnica”: unlikely connection between Madrid and Kraków

Constructivism, the Left and Communism – from functional print to radical rhetoric

Picturing the Political in Poland: from Mass Communication to Communication by Masses