Marta Havryshko

historian, Research fellow of the Krypyakevych Institute of Ukrainian Studies of the NAS of Ukraine. Her research interests include the history of sexual violence in war, the history of gender and of women, the history of nationalism and feminism, the history of the Second World War and the Holocaust, oral history, and memory studies.

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The late nineteenth and twentieth centuries entered history with rapid changes, such as political, economic, demographic, social, ideological, and cultural. The course makes an attempt to look at how modernization has changed men and women and their gender roles and responsibilities, and what new meanings it gave to the once-established norms. It also tackles the question of how the modernity enshrined approaches affect our present. The topics presented in this course refer to different humanitarian disciplines (women's history, cultural studies, sociology, literary studies, art studies) and to different historical contexts. They rely on a variety of sources and methods focusing on a person in their gender-based roles and interdependencies. The course will present...