Volodymyr Sklokin

historian, Associate Professor at Department of Modern Ukrainian History of Ukrainian Catholic University. Author of the books: Imperial Identities in the Eighteenth Century Ukrainian History / ed. by Vadyn Adadurov and Volodymyr Sklokin [In Ukrainian] (Lviv, 2020), Russian Empire and Sloboda Ukraine During the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century: Enlightened Absolutism, Imperial Integration, Local Society. [In Ukrainian] (Lviv, 2019). Research interests: history of Ukraine and the Russian Empire during the long 18 century, intellectual history, theory and history of historiography, public history.

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The course explores the history of Russia as an empire from Peter I up to now in the methodological perspective of the new imperial history. What are the historical preconditions and sources of Russian imperialism and militarism? How did the small principality of North-Eastern Europe manage to create the largest empire in the world? To what extent the Russian Empire of the 18th and 19th centuries differed from European colonial empires as well as eastern imperial polities such as Ottoman Empire and China? How did the imperial nationalities policies emerge and evolve? What role did the competition between "great powers" play in turning Russia into an empire? The course attempts to answer these...