Ihor Petriy

Historian, Research Secretary of the Scientific Library of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. Research interests: history of Lviv and Eastern Galicia in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, diary and memoir literature of Ukraine and Central and Eastern Europe.

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Image for Notes by Ryszard Gansiniec on Lviv University in the Soviet Administration of 1945-1946
Notes by Ryszard Gansiniec on Lviv University in the Soviet Administration of 1945-1946
Ryszard Gansiniec was a distinguished Polish classical philologist and linguist. From 1920 to 1941 and again from 1944 to 1946, he served as a professor and head of the Department of Classical Philology at Lviv University. His work Lviv Notes comprises a series of letters addressed to his wife, who relocated to Stryżow, Poland, in May 1944. Meanwhile, Gansiniec remained in Lviv until June 1946, where he continued working at Lviv University and the Academy of Sciences. However, in January 1945, he was arrested and detained until May of the same year. Upon his relocation to Poland, he assumed a professorial role at the University of Wroclaw. Later, from 1948 until his passing,...
Michal Dubianecki about trade on the Minsk market, 1985
In 1979–1986, a Belarusian publisher, translator, and publicist Michal Dubianecki (1927-1990) was the director of the publishing house "Mastatskaya Litaratura" (lit. - Art Literature), and in the late 1980s he actively joined the national public life and co-founded the society "Martyrologist of Belarus" and the "Renaissance" Belarusian National Front. His diaries for 1979–1988 were published after the author's death in the journals "Flame" [Bel. - Полымя] and "Verb" [Bel. - Дзеяслоў]. In the quoted excerpt, Michal Dubianetsky talks about trade in the Minsk Komarovsky market in the mid-1980s. He talks about the prices for goods and shares his impressions of typical bazaar scenes.
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