The Jews of the Soviet Union: From Nationalism to Communism and Back

Publication date 26.04.2023
Prof. Elissa Bemporad

This course was a part of Jewish History, Multiethnic Past, and Common Heritage: Urban Experience in Eastern Europe summer school.

Session I

  1. Russian Antisemitism: Pogroms and Blood Libels
  2. From Imperial Repression to Revolution: Lenin, Stalin and the Bund


“An expert opinion in support of the ritual blood accusation,” The Jew in the Modern World, pp. 367-370; “The Bund: Decisions on the Nationality Question,” in The Jew in the Modern World, 419-421; Selections from Vladimir Lenin on the Bund and the Jews, from The Jew in the Modern World, pp. 428-430 and Lenin on the Jewish Question, pp. 46-51, 58-62, 125-128.

Session II

Session III

Session IV