A letter of sixth-grader Evgenia Kraidman to Lazar Kaganovich with a request to allow her to return to Lviv from Kazakhstan after World War II.
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Letter of Evhenia Kraidman to Lazar Kaganovich

Evhenia Kraidman
State Archive of Lviv Region (DALO)
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Comrade Kaganovich!

I can inform you that I am writing to you for the second time, I did receive any result from you, and why I do not know. Comrade Kaganovich I beg you to write an answer to this letter. Because I am a Leninskaia Komsomolka [youth communist party] and live in the collective farm [kolkhoz] “Kolos” myself I am evacuated from the city of Lviv and I live in Kazakhstan, with my old mother, my father died from bad conditions, my brothers are fighting with our enemies on the front, I am studying in the 6th grade, I work in school as the leader of our detachment [like their Komsomol group], I fill up the pioneers with the Leninist spirit, they have given me a prize for my work, but despite that I am trying to work to give as much as possible to the motherland. But for that I need to study and to be educated. And so comrade Kaganovich I turn to you with the request Comrade Kaganovich because I want to study, but here in our collective farm there is no school, only a six-year school [i.e., elementary school], but there is no way of going to the city to study, because right now our family consists of two people: me and my old mother, she can’t work, only I am working during the summer vacation, and this is all we earn, and there is just no way I can study in the city. Many people have gone to the city [that is, back to Lviv where she is from] by invitation [by having an invitation letter that shows they are hosted by a person or institution], but because there is no one left from our family, some were evacuated, and the Germans killed my sister with her baby and there is no invitation to (to invite crossed-out) to wait for from anyone. So I am turning to you with one request, as to my own father Comrade Kaganovich I beg you to send us the document so that we can go home, and for that I will be very grateful to you and to our happy motherland! I want to study I want my brains to develop and to move and I want to become a Soviet citizen.  

I beg for an answer!

Evgenia Borisovna Kraidman (red underline) 

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