The General Regional Exhibition of Galicia

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At the time of autonomy, the General Regional Exhibition was the third attempt by Galician elites to show their achievements in the industrial, economic, and cultural development of the region. The first such attempt took place in Lviv in 1877, the second in Krakow in 1887. In turn, the next one was to open its gates to visitors in 10 years in Lviv. The official countdown to the beginning of its opening began in June 1892, when the Main Exhibition Committee was formed. The monetary fund of the exhibition was filled with donations from county communities, government subventions and the Provincial Office, the City Council of Lviv, individuals, and organizations. Most of the costs were related to landscaping and the construction of pavilions that were built at the expense of the exhibition directorate, the so-called "directorates" (other private pavilions, such as Badeni's Pavilion or Bachewski’s, were built with private funds). The total cost of all preparatory work was more than 1 million gold rynski (gulden).
Year: 1894
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