Image for Photo of the physical exercises, Lviv, 1927

The photo is from Stepan Haiduchok collection. It is one of the series of photos of physical exercises. The format is adjusted to the composition: five women stand in one row and demonstrate the body positions as part of dynamic exercises (bending forward, arm stretching, steps). The static vertical lines of the trees in the background contrast with the movements of women. The expressiveness of the composition is built on tonal and texture contrast. The composition is divided in half by the horizon line. The background of the photos’ lower part (grass) has a neutral tone, so the dark skirts and light legs are distinctly presented. Conversely, the background of the upper part (tree) is darker, so it clearly shows the position of the bodies in light shirts. The grass and trees that became the background for this series create a homogeneous fine texture that highlights monotonous figures. The lower left corner there is a mark “73”. It is the number of the photo to which Stepan Haiduchok refers in the description: “Women’s physical exercises, compiled by Haiduchok, compiled in 1913, issued by ” S-B” in 1927. The women in the photo of athletic exercises were members of SCUG circle.” The T-shirts worm by the women have a logo “SCUG. Lviv.” It implies their belonging to the Sports Club of Ukrainian Girls.


Photo of the physical exercises, Lviv, 1927

April 8, 1927
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Stepan Haiduchok
Images in this genre were presented in thematic manuals as illustrations of exercises.
The period of the photo's creation (1927) is indicated by women's clothes, hairstyles and accessories: lowered shirt waistline, short-cut hair, hairpins-combs, shoes with straps.
Program of the Sports Club of Ukrainian Girls' holiday, during which this photo was created.
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